Benefits of Birch Water


Birch water helps melting cellulite when taken over a sustained
period of time. Lower calories  than coconut water.


Birch Water improves the condition of all skin tissues and fights against diseases such as eczema, herpes, psoriasis and the like.
It is also effective as a compress applied directly to the skin.


Birch water eliminates:
Toxins that only the liver can process e.g. alcohol, saturated fat, triglycerides, food coloring, additives, pesticides, remnants of industrially-processed foods, over-cooked fat, and preservatives. Waste that only the kidneys can eliminate e.g. excess salt, uric acid, phosphates, certain medicines, urea, and ammonia.


Birch water hydrates and rejuvenates the body and has a stimulating effect on the immune system. Rich in antioxidants, it provides valuable minerals and vitamins (A, E, D3, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, K1) therefore restoring vitality.
Birch water has a proven and effective action on bones (ligaments, cartilage, joints), muscles and circulatory systems.